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Random thoughts on Wednesday

Hilarious.. All the ads on my blog right now are related to menopause.. A woman clutching her back.. Nice. I'm going to take a picture of myself holding the Magnesium Citrate powder Natural Calm that I carry around in my purse like a baby blanket.. and you'll see the real me. A lot of great things transpired today. I received all the proofs for three sets of clients, I set some things in motion for a new project that I'm going to be a part of, working with kids and photography, and I revamped my little weekly drama class I teach. Got to keep some drama in your life.. On the stage.. On the stage I mean. I also resumed writing on a book that I started last year. It's working title is "The Middle Daughter" and it's going to allow me to get it all out I think. To write what I know.. The inner workings of a southern family. and let me whisper this.. " a dysfunctional one.." Of course I have drawn most of the story from other people's lives and hop

November in Pictures..

The most spoken sentence in the Dodd household...


I am learning to be still... I mean really still

Thought I would blog a bit about the way my life has hit the brakes and yet taken off at the same time.. It's so strange the way we rush around, with our lists, and our activities and trying to keep up with the latest everything from the iphone to the ipad. I'm really surprised that I didn't crack before now.. and by crack I mean been driven to a blinding halt by what is surely depleted adrenals and a slew of other hormonal fluctuations. Dear ladies, when you hit your mid 4o's and are in the throws of peri menopause.. two words.. Natural Calm. I've been researching and looking for solutions to nighttime anxiety and fatique, and sure the raw food has been great. I've lost the 10 pounds I put on in 2011, from the 35 I lost in 2010.. Fun that weight loss roller coaster.. The Natural Calm is a magnesium supplement, one that is dissolved in water so the minute you take it.. you're calmed. I read that women need 1000 mg of it during this time. It has turned my p

I'm back and Dreaming about Celebrities..

Some of you who live outside of the Davidson County line may not be aware that my hormones are rollercoastering ( since I've been spreading the news). I'm changing my entire lifestyle to get healthier.. I remember at the beginning of the year my mantra was "health and wealth" and I'll be damn... it's November and the health part is starting to kick in. Now to the wealth.. The other night I dreamed that I was sitting in a hotel room with Donald Trump or maybe it was an amusement park, but he was handing me cash and writing me checks. It was very strange. In the past week, I've dreamt about Brad Pitt,(who wouldn't) and the girl who plays Charlotte on Private Practice and somebody else who has slipped my mind. Wondering if it's the black cohosh or Valerian or some herbal tea I've been drinking. I've been known to have celebrity dreams before like this, oh yah, just remembering the Brad pitt dream.. He and I were a couple and this spaceship th