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Who is David Sedaris for $1000?...

I WANTED to talk about that feeling that comes over us the second that school lets out.  But once again I am pulled in a different direction while working at a Starbucks.  A David Sedaris type character is sitting on the other side of the room and he seems to be on a date. David Sedaris is supposed to be at Parnassus books in two days,  if he's in town he's probably staying with Ann Patchett not flirting with a middle aged woman, frothy drink in hand, in Hermitage. This leads me to something I've learned while working in every coffee shop in Middle Tennessee. They may all be called Starbucks. (please take not that while in East Nashville USA I am always frequenting the slew of independents that I love so much, but I will also patronize the SB because of their wonderful adoption assistance program, yes in another life I was a Barista myself ) but I digresss. shocking I know..  The vibe is very specific in each and every Starbucks. The one I frequent the most is quite the s

One Day in May

Happy May 15th day folks. This month is always intense for all the moms ( and dads) out there, I know why they make Mother's Day in May, because May puts you to the test. There are recitals, and all kinds of sports events and the end of school fun all crammed into one month. Making this video made me relax immediately. What a great family and a wonderful place, South Pittsburgh, TN on the way to Chattanooga.. Shawn and I discovered a mountain cabin nearby and well, we're in full dream manifest the cabin mode. I hope to head down there as soon as the last school bell of the year rings..