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Just another Saturday Night in the Photo Booth

Come make and take a Valentine for the one YOU have EYES for! Try on funky and/or fabulous frames from the vintage eyewear collection of Aimee Hall and WINK WINK.  Have your photo made in the Kissing/Photo Booth by me with frames as props. $15 for a 5x7 print.  Light snacks and Laughter provided. You are also invited to bring old frames or a few dollars for donation to the Lion's Club. Donations are anonymous and can be left in a designated place by the front door. Kisses..

Rock the Shot

This photo of Lilla is my submission for Rock the shot 's  favorite photo of 2012. I love it because it's simple and straightforward. More of what I hope to achieve in 2013 as a photographer and a human being. 

Will tomorrow be a snow day? and other ramblings..

Let's Hope so! I have an album to design and after I braved Kroger, where I proceeded to see most of the neighborhood, I brought home three movies from Redbox. Shawn is off and the girls have plenty to do. So I'm kind of hoping.. This pic is another photo from the archives.. It cracks me up. Can you tell that I recently  dumped all the photos from my old phone to the computer? I just overheard Grace say to Mariama.."I can type 13 words a minute. How fast can you type?" How cute is that.. In other news.. I just sent out my first official Robin Dodd Photography monthly newsletter! If you didn't receive it and would like to, just shoot me an email in the contact section of my blog and I'll put you on the list.  Much love, R

Toddler Shoes

I ran across this picture and it always stops me in my tracks... October 08, one month home. Grace was wearing size 7 shoes..and Mariama couldn't walk into a restaurant or a room without picking everything up and examining it. Now she's watching Downton Abbey and sits scholarly every night doing homework in her grown up school uniform and laptop and Grace is leaping across the gymnastics floor like a gazelle with all the confidence in the world or listening to her music on her giant purple headphones.. like the song says.. "Don't Blink"..