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There is a Season

Summer is for long lazy days at the pool  and catching up on all 400  magazines you've let pile up over the year.  You keep your  air conditioner on sixty-two degrees and you watch all the crazy summer  shows way into the night, like True  Blood or Breaking Bad and you sleep in the next day until nine or  eleven... there are parties, lots of watermelon  eating,  and an Uno or Apples to Apples game going at all times, if you can tear your middle schooler away from the latest Hunger Games copycat. Hopefully, there's the beach,inside jokes that make you snort, great margaritas and long dusky walks through the neighborhood. But Fall will be arriving soon and although I'm years beyond heading to a Texas high school football stadium on friday nights, I always think of the lights, the air, the bad for you nachos and the small town feel as you walk through the stands, the band plays the theme song to something we thought we'd never have to hear again, but someh