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Rosie and Ellie

I grew up around horses. My dad's Aunt Betty was the first horse lover in the family that I remember. One of my first memories was riding one of her horses around in a pair of pink terry cloth shorts, why do I remember what I was wearing? I think because it was one of those hot summer Texas afternoons and I wasn't wearing a shirt.. HA. I guess that was okay for a sassy four year old.           Our first horse was named Joe, he was an ancient quarter horse, at least he seemed ancient to me at the time. The second was a big fat Palomino named  Dawn, and then Matt, my dad's buckskin who looked exactly like Matt Dillon's horse on Gunsmoke. We called him Buck. When I was little I could saddle them myself or ride bareback through the fields in between driving our old white truck Lurch. I was probably 12.. barely. Those were the 70's.  In this lifetime, now that I spend alot of my time around some of the sweetest and most  beautiful horses I've ever seen, I want