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Sunflower 2016

First of all, I cannot believe that I didn't get a beautiful shot of all three girls between  last Friday and Monday when we had this incredible snow because someone, I won't mention any names caught a  man cold, no it wasn't Carlos..and it was a bit distracting. Ha! So I turn to Mariama as she's about to head to Nashville with Shawn and remember.. Last January we took our annual Sunflower photographs on the bridge crossing from Newport Kentucky to downtown Cincinnati, the blue one. I need to learn the name since as of May we will be full time residents of Ohio. What? T hen I get so excited that I force Holly and Grace to dress up after Grace's five hour practice.  Thanks Mom.  I wanted to share with y'all and now I must take to my bed like a good southern gal and nurse MY cold.. Thanks Shine! Ha! P.S. I am seeking dancers for fine art portraiture for my portfolio. My studio  will open in the Cincinnati area this May.