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Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters. I was raised in the 70's, the figure it out yourself generation, learned to drive a stick shift when I was eleven, watched hours of television a week, and drank Boones Farm Strawberry Wine from the bottle when I was seventeen out in the cow pasture parties of Texas. I made straight A's went to a great college, made a lot of mistakes along the way, but am happy to say, I think I turned out pretty good.  However. Now that I am  helping raise you, I feel the need to over communicate my every wish, desire, fear, hope, dream, life lesson, Mike Brady speech, boy talk, learning to drive speech, dating lecture, who's dating before they're 30 speech?, let's watch a TED talk, then meditate and so on... What caused this? How much Natural Calm can a mom drink?  I mean, you don't want to go to a Cheap Trick concert with a boy who drives a Fiero, you've never let a foul word escape your lovely lips,  one out of three of you barely know how to ta

Dwell in Possibility

Believe you can achieve girls.  We're lucky to have two great organizations in our life, Harpeth Hall and Cincinnati Gymnastics, whose missions include building strong minded girls.  Now I know I'm late to the party, but t his is going to be my latest binge watch.   PREEEACCCH! I have never seen the Makers site before and now we have hours of inspirational women to watch.  Makers-Elizabeth Holmes

You Were Here

Today my high school prom date posted a throwback pic to high school graduation, 30 years ago.  I have the same reaction every time I see it. Why was my hair was orange? When I look at this picture, I feel all the feelings, all over again.  I see the happy faces of four people who didn't have a clue, but thought that they did and that right there makes me want to weep.  Boy if I could write a little note to each one of us that started with  "Before you go..."   Many of my friends are sending their kids off to college, the St. Elmo's Fire theme isn't playing in the background of their pictures, but the expressions on the faces remain the same. Look out world, I'm coming to kick your ass.  Segway... Ken Burns is Grace's history teacher this year, and I am crying right  through the Roosevelt series. Who  knew Ken Burns could hook you in  like the damn Notebook... but what strikes me throughout is that they couldn't make those series so compel