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Books I'm Reading in September

And last but certainly not least.. Another book with Madonna in the title, only this time we refer to "The Material Girl". This book was written by my SUPER duper fun friend  WHITLEY   SO as you can see this is going to be a fantastic month for reading!!! Now back to cleaning the vacation rental...What are you reading right now? any great books I should know about?


Hi, and welcome to the show. Today's episode features handyman and renovation expert Shawn Dodd diligently at work. What's that noise you say? It's the sound of a table saw screeching through the delicate afternoon breeze, for today we're tiling until the cows come home.. Look. Subway tile. Dal Tile. These are things you need to know, because it is obviously kick ass tile. Oops I cussed. And this, well this is the shower that I have been dreaming of for two weeks..still in the box but surrounded by gorgeous blue funkadelic tile that Shawn carefully cut over and over and over.. Ha! Take that peeps with the barking dogs. You KNOW who you are. AND LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!! THIS NEW SHOWER LINER with NO MOLD. Jesus take the wheel this makes me happy. And what a lovely faucet and that stunning bead board ceiling.....Shawn is obviously ready for his own TV show, because think about it.. HOW ANNOYING is that chick from Property Virgins? So excited for this piece to find it's h

Pensacola Beach Part TWO

Why did Summer have to end so fast???

The Beginning of a New Journey

I came across some photos of the girls from their first days here, almost three years ago in September. The bottom left photo is particularly hilarious to me because that was Easter Sunday 09 when Mariama called Grace an "asshole", "You're bunnys going to melt if you don't put it in the frig" "No it won't" "Yes it will (with no inflection whatsoever) you asshole" And before you call Supernanny just know that yes, I have road rage and I might have said that particular word in the car. Now the girls KNOW that I say bad words in the car, God help me.. most of them just refer to the buttocks area. "SAY CUPCAKE MOM!!!" The picture on the top right cracks me up. Grace and her sassiness.. she's WEARING those size 2 pants right?? The bottom right is a photo that includes another person whose privacy I wanted to protect and my terrible job of cloning around Grace's head... Don't hire me for my cloning skills you brides an

A short play: by Robin Dodd

Hi I'm Hillary Hi I'm Grace I talk a bunch how bout you? Nope, I'm as quiet as a church mouse but secretly the funniest person on the planet I'm the baby in the family... me too.. let's stick together.. THE END

The Plumber

Meet Mez...Mez is our plumber and now.. our friend. Because with an 80 year old house you better like your plumber, you're going to see him ALOT. Mez Mezera is originally from Chicago I believe.. something I asked him the first time I met him over a year ago.. "Remember Tim the tool guy's friend. Al??" I was like, that voice.. who is that???" Here are three things I like about Mez.. Number 1. He's a kick ass plumber. He's like the John Wayne of plumbers..He answers his phone AND he works a hundred times faster than the average plumber. I think that's three things in one.. (notice the red and blue plumbing in this picture, the thing that looks like hula hoops) Apparently it expands and won't freeze. IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA. Number 2. He's such a calm person. Me:(arriving home from trying to run with Mia and almost dying I'm so out of shape)... Mez: Hey Robin, have some things to show you.. Me: oh I don't know anything about this mess.. M

Good Morning Students..

And welcome to MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!! This morning Mariama and Holly and I drove down to a friends house to walk to school on the FIRST DAY OF MIDDLE SCHOOL. Middle school effects me on several levels, I want to have JOY for my little sweeties, beautiful excitement and "I DO, I DO" she shouted like a psycho.. I do... think our neighborhood is unique in helping foster friendships and easing our little Nancy Drew's, into the lead role in a middle grade novel, I mean I wish life was like "The Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" and maybe it is on some days.. but I remember 5th grade and how much I loved Mrs. Wilkerson my teacher and 6th grade when I had Mrs. Craft, but I also remember Laura Bartula, yes I had to say her name because she was mean as a snake and tried to bully my best friend Robin Finecky Wienecke constantly and it was stressful, even with all those Dr. Pepper's I drank and Snickers I ate.. I remember.. and I am PROUD and HAPPY that our c