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Memory Lane

Remember the simplicity of going on a road trip. You sat in the back seat and looked out the window. You had the copy of Flowers in the Attic, that you "borrowed" from your cousin, the last time you were over there, for when your dad took over the radio and made you listen to the Willie Nelson Red Headed Stranger cassette the whole way. You rolled down the window because it was Texas in the spring time and the air was already warm. Your mom packed ranch Doritos and  Dr. Pepper, and your dad said "Don't drink it too fast" , I'm not stopping every five minutes. Sometimes you played slug bug, or I spy. Eventually you got where you were going in one piece and the pretend misery was over, because deep down it brought a special thrill to be going on an adventure, even if it was just to your grandmother's house.

The Kingdom of Girls

Once upon a time there lived three girls. All were beautiful and  all possessed different gifts. The Kingdom was all aglow with laughter and giggles for many years until one day the King stepped into the cavernous hall and heard nothing.   "Wife!" he yelled."What has happened? Did everyone go into the village?"   "Oh Honey" said the Queen stepping outside of her chamber wearing a bathrobe and her hair on top of her head.  "They're not gone. They're teenagers."   "What in God's name is a teenager?" shouted the King.  "Oh dear." The queen remarked turning up her chalice of wine. "What isn't a teenager?"

They Call me MOM

This is the goal... isn't it? for our kids to think this right up here. This beautiful phrase. Because God knows we're all broken, and even though sometimes we feel like Roseanne Conner, we are ALL as cool as Lorelai Gilmore,  as gorgeous as Tami Taylor,  and my GOD as fierce as Kristina Braverman so DO NOT sell yourself short ladies. Just take one day at a time.

Look around.. look around...

Competition fuels us in every aspect of our lives, but I believe that transformation is ours if we want it. Look inside yourself, meditate, walk, read and most importantly, write.  Tell yourself what you want to happen. Faith is everything.

Whipped Tail Pocket Pit

Ms. Idgie Threadgood Dodd has a permanent heart on her chest.  Shawn has been talking about it, and I thought I noticed it, but I can really see it in this pic. I have no idea how it got there, maybe the fact she is kissed about seven hundred times a day by me, Grace and Shawn. Mariama and Holly don't kiss as much.. LOL its so fascinating. How DID it get there? Magic. In this pic she is watching well, everything in the park. Such a good girl.

Take me to the River. Drop me in the Water...

Put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking out the doorr..orrr.  A couple of  things. This week I have been missing the water. Soon it will be 4 years.. Wow.  The months ahead for the Dodds will be full of celebrations, college adventures and hopefully some potatoes and pubs.  Hey that's why I ran half a mile on the treadmill yesterday..  Austin, Ireland, Columbus, Boston, Chicago. I'm writing this down because I want to manifest a NICE LONG BEACH trip in there before school starts. We are land locked in a major way up here in Cincinnati, I'm dreaming of the keys but I would sell for North Carolina.. I think.