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Happy National Dog Day!

I can just get it in under the wire.  One of my first memories is riding in the car with what I perceived to be at the time, a giant St. Bernard, but her name was Maude and she was only a puppy. I remember  my mom and dad and I meeting someone late in the day, and having her in the car with us as we went through the Dairy Queen drive through or some fast food joint. Back then we only had three, so I feel certain it was a Dairy Queen. As a child of the 70's , I have a few other choice memories that linger like a frozen screen frame, but lots of the good ones contain dogs.  I remember Maude knocking my four year old self down in the Texas snow and not being able to get back up, and feeling certain my life was over. I remember my giant Great Dane Beau not letting my cousin out of the VW bug they pulled up to the house in, and watching from the window as Beau towered over the top of the car. I remember Boo Boo and Melvin two almost identical little wienie dog mixes we foun