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Wake me when it's Halloween...

I love what I do.

I would hope everyone could have a cute silly video like this one..

It's Holiday Card Time

Let's do this holiday thing for awhile.. Christmas will be here before you know it and I'm already avoiding Opry Mills mall and it's not even Halloween!  Scary...How bout something off the wall this year in the way of cards! I would love to help you. After you receive your digital image  from our session, upload to  Mpix   and get the most incredible quality cards for around $40 bucks with shipping. Mpix is the retail lab associated with Miller's, the lab I use, and they are fantastic! Love, from me.

Glancy Pants

I have been taking Glancy's pictures for several year now. He is just one of my favorites babies ever.. except he's about to be five.  5!!!  This is his classic "Are you talking to me photo?" I had to swipe this one off Facebook because the original is locked away in the secret archives of Robin Dodd Photography. Below is from our trip to the train museum Monday.