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Maybellina Ballerina

Those of you who know me know I love my dogs, especially Carlos Santana Stitch Dodd. My frugalicious. And it's not that I don't love Daisy Marie Dodd, memaw lab as much as I love Carlos, but even after three years with him, I'm still not used to his ridiculously funny ways, so it's true I find myself baby talking that frug and being pretty much the kind of parent that makes me cringe. This is not lost on my children. It drives them crazy.. He's not good mom.. he's bad.. but can they resist his velvet jowls and his silky pelt, well yes, but wait till they're almost 50 and driving their Prius Z with their critters riding shotgun getting dog hair all over their kids clothes.. We old people.. we need these things... But here's what I'm trying to say... I have never met a dog that made me laugh or want to put her in my car and drive like the wind than my fat, fat May. Seen below with Zoe her mom. She is the sweetest, Chewbaca barking, scared of her own s

That kind of September

Autumn is here and the Winnie the Pooh feeling of blustery days and Pumpkin spice abound. I am starting fall sessions in Ohio and Tennessee two places with gorgeous changing leaves. I dare to say it's my favorite time of year, even though I love the beginning of every season, because it feels as though you're starting a new chapter. Fall brings sweater weather, planning for holidays, Friday night lights, and for us, lots of hikes. The days are still long, the skies are a brilliant blue and the wind is cool.  This year I plan on carrying my camera with me everywhere..

Trailer for Sale or Rent...

I've been editing these images tonight with two songs in my head. One from Little Shop and the other is King of the Road.. HA!  Cute RV brought to you by J. Wes of East Nashville. We've had this shoot planned for awhile and were thrilled to stumble upon a space perfect for these sweeties.  I don't even have to tell you WHO they are, because on the Eastside everybody knows your name, and I am thrilled to know these two, they definitely make the world a better place.  Oh okay.. Cori and Tyson. Have a great week NASHVILLE!