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Family Matters

Family Portrait Season is among us and even though I'm a part time Cincinnati resident now, I can still come to you Nashville, and reek havoc all over your backyard. Ha! It's funny because creating art with a really nice family and their kiddos and little critters is so rewarding.  Kids are real. They give you what they give you and capturing that is like therapy, quite frankly.  They remind me not to take life so seriously.

Oh the Places you'll Go.. but whatever you do please don't drive...

       I  just wanted to talk a little bit today about sending your kids off to college and the great unknown. It's got to be such an emotional time. My sister and I were having a conversation last night about how when your kids are little it can physically exhausting, so back to school day gives you a  little thrill and then when they become teenagers and hopefully they aren't  emotionally exhausting you this week, sending them to school isn't as fun, you want summer to hang on. Of course you may be ready to put on a pencil skirt and smoke a few cigarettes while drinking a strong gin martini who knows.. .the hormonal roller coaster with the teen is mysterious, we've all been there.     I've recently been slapped in the face with the not so irrational fear of Mariama and Holly learning to drive. ( in a year and a half, but it's there...) Just knowing that I manage the day to day traffic some days  with more road rage than others and having them drive around