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Meet Robin

I'm so happy that you're here! A little bit about me and my family.  First, my best friend, my husband Shawn. Hilarious. The greatest dad. We  laugh at his ridiculous habit of quoting movies, and he wows us with his Tom Cruise run.. and dancing around the kitchen. Shawn is a home renovation expert  and will begin work on an 1879 Mansion we bought in Cincinnati's West End neighborhood. We hope to make this our forever home.   We have three beautiful girls. Two away at college and one soon to be on her way. 

I think I have always seen life through pictures. In college, I remember having a somewhat photographic memory.. where did that go? Hello 50's. I see the romance and nostalgia in everything. Old Hollywood movies, Edith Wharton novels, vintage photographs, and history are some of my all time favorite things, and as a child I constantly wanted to know everyone's story and how they came to be there.    The true personality and spirit of a child is one of my favorite specialities to capture. To me, children are the deepest humans, the most soulful spirits, and I think that comes through in my work, and somehow the image just takes itself there.  Oh and I love to make people laugh. 

I grew up in the country outside Fort Worth Texas, studied Theatre at Baylor University and now live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. We  love spending time with our dogs and live on a working horse farm.   We are adoptive parents, and I enjoy working with the Heart Gallery, a permanent photographic exhibit helping foster children find their forever families.   

If you'd like  to book a session, the best way is to give me a call at 513.429.0011 or email at, DM me on instagram @robindoddphotography, I am always checking and posting images!
 Can't wait to hear from you!
If we've spoken and you're ready to purchase your session you may do so through the paypal button below.

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