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Flashback Friday

Because you can't hand down a CD to the next generation. - Sue Bryce Ain't that the truth...

Throw it back across the years and miles and states..

They say a digital file loses it's value year after year because we forget what's stored on our hard drives, flash drives and CD's. Do we still use those? I am making an album of the girls to send to Africa and I came across my picasa web album where I have stored years and years of photos.  I thought it would be fun to have a post featuring some of the families I have been so lucky to meet and know. I might do this next week too! Throw it back.. Just kidding..

To Every Season

      It's been so long since I've been a regular blogger. I still write. I write on my fiction. I write my intentions down most days, and journal when I can. Mostly I drive down Winton Road in Cincinnati, or Estes Road in Nashville.  I listen to podcasts when I feed the horses on the farm and I sometimes drink red wine when I think about how badly I want the house to sell.  The other day there was a guest speaker on one of my favorite podcasts talking about purposeful uncomfortableness . Something he creates for himself, and his family. He was currently creating it by having recently moved his all five of them from a farm in Vermont to Singapore, where they were all learning Mandarin.  On a lesser scale, I'm sure people might think we were familiar with this type of thing.. and it didn't dawn on me until I heard the man say it. This is one of those years for us. Like 2011.. 2011 was tricky but I learned..        I've begun to mark my years in seasons. People hav