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The Maiden with Red Hair is as Fierce as she is Fair.

Two separate shoots this week in Centennial Park.  Addison Bonni

An Essay on Motherhood

I guess we all have this idea that if we ask really nice over and over and over they'll remember all the little  lectures and inane things we beg them to remember, from how to load the dishwasher properly to "whose shirt is this on the refrigerator?" It's a part of the leaving. Or the preparing to leave. Sometimes they hear us, they do, but most of the time they don't. So we say it again.  There's always this nagging guilty feeling, followed by a pick up your bootstraps and get over it, one that makes me feel that maybe I'll make it through motherhood unbroken, even though it's been almost fifteen years. I was listening to a podcast the other day. It was early and I was watering the horses in the barn. For a full minute, I stood with my cheek on Dodger's, the horse who also remembers the 80's, we have alot of conversations on Tuesday mornings. An author was discussing her memoir and was quoting Anne Truitt, and her feelings about mot