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Sunday afternoon in the Park

This was an impromptu shoot with the Blakely family in Nash. Mariama goes to school with both of these lovelies and they wanted a special shoot for Lily's conformation. Wanted to share a few black and white images. See you for a minute tomorrow Nashville and then we're Texas bound. The Wonder Years A great family. Dr. J is a Texan so she gets extra points for that!

Well Happy Summer Everybody!

Gosh, so much has happened over the past two months that even me, the talker of all talkers couldn't fill you in quickly. So I'll just show you this last minute wedding shoot I was so happy to do last month. These are just highlights but it really reminded me of the Office wedding, when Jim and Pam got married on the boat and then those wacky kids danced down the aisle. You have got to hand it to everyone bride and groom especially who  embraced the giant storm cloud that decided to open up right on top of us in Centennial Park. Isn't this what love is about anyway?Embracing what life throws our way, and sometimes it's  running through the rain, with your friends and family right by your side.