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Practice what you Preach: Let the Big Butts fly and the eye bags lie...

   You know I hardly ever meet a family who says, "We take pictures every year, let's do this. Line us up and get it over with." We don't think about it that way. As moms we lead the way to picture land and Dads sort of fall in line like they do when you hand them your purse outside the dressing room at Macy's. IF they are so lucky to be tagging along with you that day. They do it for you. Yes, yes, I've had Dad's who love photography and initiate the shoot. And some that are very in to it. I mean this dad did this... and I wanted to give him a big ole smack on the lips.. how inappropriate.. but true. I live for these shoots. I've got one coming up as soon as the trees stop looking like something out of a bad Stephen King teleplay. But that's not really what I wanted to talk about. What I wanted to say is.....yes?.... The other day I heard Mariama say. "You won't find mom in many of the pictures." Grace and I

Drop the Act

                           I read this the other night and it stopped me in my tracks. "Life is brief, but if you're brave, it's deep.  That mask I'd been wearing, I had to take it off. I didn't want my daughter to see it in my closet and think it was part of every woman's wardrobe."                           - Elissa Shapell, Blueprints for Building Better Girls. Blueprints for Building Better Girls

I like the way you think..

Kim and I met at the dog park back when it was AGES ago! which was perfect because we both live for our critters. Love our dogs.. with a capital L. Look at this boy.. He's a poser. And this good girl.. Kim makes me laugh.. and her smile could light up a stadium.  But we decided to get serious. This pic implores me to wear my hair down in a super cool style this this.. it says the hair on the head making you look like a who from whoville has to go Robin... someone get me a stylist.. sigh.