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This is a post about being a mom.

There are a a few new things that I  have discovered  as a mom that make me happy. One, the 24 hour yoga pant, Two. The Middle. A show that has been on for years, but for the past few months I've had the pleasure of being in a room with Grace on Wednesdays awaiting Modern Family and cooking dinner, and I find myself wearing my 24 hour yoga pants and laughing my HEAD off. Grace never laughs as loud as me. I'm in constant laughter, like more than Modern Family, and you know that show is hilarious. I'm mainly laughing at the mom. And Sue.  Does anyone else laugh at The Middle? I find it as funny as David Sedaris apparently, I'm ready to marry it, I love it so much.

The third thing I'm discovering is that I love to eat chips. Chips are my downfall. Popcorn counts as chips for me, pita chips, tortilla chips, sun chips.. any kind of chips. After walking around with four full length mirrors three days a week these days, I will know longer be eating those.  And being a mom of three girls I find that as the years go on I become more annoying to them, now true, my mother didn't feel compelled to dance up the bleachers of a gymnastics meet doing the white man's overbite but I live for those moments and opportunities to embarrass the middle school girls. I mean, it's the most fun I've had in my life. Mariama also seems to have a problem with the fact that I put :) LOL on every text. So what do I do? I put that every single time I text her. 

" Did you get to watch Downton Abbey? LOL, LOL, LOL, :) "
"MOM!!! stop!! It's not right!!!! Stop putting LOL!!! IT's NOT FUNNY!"

Well I am thoroughly amused.

This is a mom. Of girls AND boys.. she knows what I'm talkin bout.


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