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I am WOMAN. No matter where I come from..

I discovered this video via an article in Professional Photographer and really thought I should share this with you. Linda Wolf has photographed women from all over the world for the past seven years. She is also the founder of Teen Talking Circles, a nonprofit that helps kids navigate the difficult years that come with being a teenager. I believe she's now working on a photomontage of men. This is just an powerful reminder that we are all connected. Thank you for this Linda. I Am a Full Woman from Linda Wolf on Vimeo .

Johnny Carson and the Basilica of the Assumption: Ramblings from a weepy middle aged mom.

I was up late the other night working and saw a Johnny Carson documentary on Netflix and decided to watch it. It was really good. All the great comedians were on talking about Carson and what a difference he made in their lives. Drew Carey cried, Ellen got a little weepy too, talking about how Johnny called her over to the couch after her stand up. Remember how he did that at the end if you were really good.. Joan Rivers talked about how cut throat and intense he was. It was just a really good documentary, and halfway through I started to cry a little, and then by the end a little harder..I went upstairs, got in bed and said to Shawn "I watched a Johnny Carson documentary and I'm upset." "Why" he says "because he was got married twelve times, because he was an alcoholic or because he's dead." "I'm not sure, I say.." then break into the ugly cry. Sob is more like it. I don't know why I was crying. Was it from nostalgia? Was it bec

I love a piano

I met such a sweet person last weekend.  A wonderful girl named Sarah referred by my friend Melissa needed someone to take a picture of her antique piano. You know how much I love talking about my family and where we come from and she has such amazing stories about her family and their  farm in Iowa. She even showed me a photo of the original owners of the piano a turn of the century photo of a middle aged couple smiling in the noon day sun.  She had an incredible  decades old photo of her grandfather's band I believe it was.. in black in white of course. A moment of musical bliss captured in time.  Sarah is recording an album of hymns for her family with her band and I am just honored to have taken the photo and to have gotten the chance to meet such a nice person. I'm telling you.. I'm really enjoying discovering the midwest and it's stories.