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I say Tomato, you say Tomato

I heard we had 30,000 people at the Tomato Arts Festival this year, and I believe it. Love our community! This is the giant ice cream sundae Pied Piper Creamery makes with the kids every year! Yay! And a shout out to Fairytales Bookstore! i took a little video that day and a few photos and wanted to share them with you guys.

Every summer has a story

I've learned so much about each one of my girls this summer. There have been crossroads and each one has taught me something about myself.   Even though my days,  I know  so many of you can relate, seem like an endless stream of driving and scheduling and planning and creating new exciting  food to serve and ways to disguise the kale in the green smoothies.. I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love being a mom. This one of Holly is going on the wall. It reminds me of Diane Keaton, my all time favorite actress. Why who knows? But she's had this depth since she was six months old and I never get tired of seeing it looking back at me. God Bless Mariama.. she went to see Bruno Mars last night with a friend and they were the youngest ones there, which I thought I was funny. But I think the flu is going around her school and having never had it, she's wiped out. She tried her best today to be a poser. Grace and Holly have beco