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Caddo Lake is a real place... Bon Temps isn't.. or is it??

I'm pretty sure moms hire me to shoot their lovelies because I have a way with kids.. maybe it's that I act like one.. hmmm I've never thought about that... time to look a little deeper and ponder that... I'm also a talker.. chatty if you will..Although I don't talk as much when I shoot.. so don't get scared now.. LOL if you haven't had a session with me.. and I love animals.. dogs especially. My goodness. I don't know how I could get through a day without snuggling my dogs.. and the songs I sing them.. well that's another post..  Something funny happened in my new Etsy shop today and I was taken back to  these photos below of Caddo Lake, that's right..the ones with no people in them at all.. now we're coming full circle.. and in honor of True Blood, the very silly show that jumps the shark just about every week.. my tribute to the Louisiana swamps.. these pics are available for purchase on Etsy.. here!  Now wer'e getting do
I don't have any words for how sweet these boys are... it's enough to make you burst into tears just looking into these faces.SO.SWEET.