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Do you not know that I am woman? When I think I must speak.. -William Shakespeare
I love the images Jasmine Star posts on her Friday Randomness blog posts. Had to share this one. Something to think about this Friday..

Celebration of Smiles

In January I was at Imaging U.S.A. for the first time.  It was  fantastic. Even the information overload just thrilled the hell out of me. It was funny because the lack of sleep and spicy food had me hot flashing all over the French Quarter.. I know my friends were thinking.. why can't Robin keep up with us? and why is she the color of a tomato?, and there we are .. the conversation comes back to my hormones.. The three things I remember , the things that stand out to me, besides all the great business and marketing advice, was hearing  Joyce Tennyson ,  Arthur Rainville , and  Dr. William Magee  speak. All separate of course. I was moved by all three of them, Joyce and Arthur talking about art and inspiration, and Dr. Magee about Operation Smile.  This was something I knew I wanted to be a part and put into play when I got home. Last night I signed up with PPA for Celebration of Smiles day April 21. For $25 dollars you'll receive the gift of a mini-portrait session and a deskt

Let's catch up

Wow. It's been awhile since I've blogged. I'm in the middle of creating a new website and blog, along with some changes in my business.  March has  definitely been "model month" for me. Taking photos of some of my favorite gorgeous gals to prepare for the new website and blog..  Thank you Sue Bryce for being such an inspiration with your art.. it's really helped me focus and realize what I want to do with my camera these days.. besides take those funny birthday videos that Grace makes..LOL In the adoption world, several great things are happening. For a few months I've been talking with DCS in hopes to start the first TN Heart Gallery.  Most of you might not have heard about the galleries but there are only five states who don't have them. Tennessee being one.   Check them out here .  The Heart Galleries across the U.S. improve foster kids chances of being adopted by 100 percent. Their beautiful photos taken by professional photographers are placed