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Ali Sperry and Friends shoot an album cover at the McConnell House

This was such a fun day! It was perfectly cloudy and misty out and having just seen Midnight in Paris I was feeling all "Woody Allen"and thought this would be a wonderful spot to shoot Ali's twenties style shoot. I miss working in the theatre and the more theatrical a shoot the better for me. It truly satisfies my inner Steven Spielberg .. and then I get to make these videos and well, what can I say.. I'm a geek.. love it. I hope you do too!

This made me laugh AND cry

Jasmine Star posted this pic on one of her blog posts and I just had to repost it.. I hope that's okay and I don't get sued..LOL But isn't life just like this... I know I've felt so much like this picture lately, no not like a large elephant, I'm actually feeling super great about my physical well being for the first time in months, but just the whole "take that risk" "go for it" "miracles happen everyday" mentality. GOD IT IS SO TRUE! Two self employed people living with three kids two dogs one porch cat and the additional remodel "kitchen clutter" everyday is up and down and all around. It is somehow both wildy peaceful and alarmingly unpredictable this life in Nashvegas. And and I realize as I type this not only will we all get there, but we are already here.. Take a giant elephant jump!!

A girl and her dog...

why do we love our dogs so much.. because they have so much love to give.. I must've used my baby dog voice the entire time I photographed Julia the other night.. her doggie was so sweet and every time I'd sit on the floor Tennessee would come over and lean on me.. I love dogs who lean on you.. like "hey... let's hold each other"..WHAT.A.SNUGGLER. and as you can see.. a POSER! Feel like I made two good friends the other night... YEA!