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Welcome to the 2011 Robin Dodd Photography Awards..

Today I decided to post my favorite photos from the previous year as I embark on a new photography adventure in 2012!

Best Cheesy Idea of Mine at a Wedding Photo

Best Super Serious Dance Photo

Best New Pet Named after a Rock Musician..

Best Show the Love photo

Best Stylized Shoot with the Cutest family of all time photo

Best Dharma and Greg Engagement Photo

Best Stellar Musician Supermodel Photo
Best Almost Group Family Photo.. STEPHEN!!!

Come join me in my new studio space in Marathon Village you guys! I'm really excited about it. Lots of new projects and adventure in 2012.


Speights Family

Wow.. this is a good lookin group.. someone want to guess the temperature? IT.WAS.COLD. Good job looking warm you guys! My hot flashes kept me nice and toasty..I know TMI.. but alas that's me.